The Endless Worlds of Sensual Massage

Among the most gorgeous things about learning and experiencing Sensual Massage, Heart Touch, Sexual Energy Massage, Energy Healing Massage etc is the endless world of possibilities they provide.

A few years back I was in a sex expo giving talks, doing some massage demo and teaching workshops. I had had an idea for a little while about enlarging the possibilities of sensation, and so I called a friend who had been a Dom and had a conversation with him about what I thought we can do.

It is a bit experience that takes you deep into your body, into your energy, with a {} of sensations.
It is a place where feeling and emotion come together.
It is an exploration of the possibilities of feeling, from the subtle, oh so subtle, to a little firmer, to the sting of something which sends waves throughout your whole body.
It is deeply pleasurable.
It is a meditation on touch.
It may take you to an expanded state of consciousness.
It can be amazingly healing.
It is about heightened feeling and the awakening to new emotions, to being touched in places and ways you might not have before.
It opens doors to enlarging your self-perception.
It is erotic.
It’s a dream.
It is a space of creative play.
It is a ritual of conscious connection.

The deeper I go the more I see how the energy is in the center, in touching as an expression of love.
The deeper I go the more I see how touch-deprived so a lot of us are, and just how much recovery comes from being touched with love.
The deeper I go the more I see how disconnected we are, so many people, from ourselves, from our feelings, from our bodies, from feeling, and out of each other.
The deeper I go the more I see just how stressed so a lot of us are without realizing it because it’s become our default setting.
The deeper I go the more I see the power of relationship, with ourselves, through signature and the myriad gifts that attracts us.
The deeper I go the more I see how these encounters, these magical massages, and that phrase gets so limited occasionally, can enlarge us, free us, open us to life in so many ways.

And I love that after doing and teaching massage, bodywork and touch for more than 20 years there are constantly new dimensions and possibilities to explore and experience.

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