7 Tips to Help You Start Dating Again

Galia Pennekamp sees herself on a shared journey helping singles get back in the match, the old fashioned way, in person! After reentering the dating kingdom ten decades back, she can maintain a deep firsthand knowledge of the good, the bad, and the ugly of relationship now. She based SOMETHING IN COMMON, a theory focused on empowerment, changing habits, and above all, building relations with the appropriate individuals. Through a series of one-on-one and team training and organized private occasions, she prepares individuals for the dating scene, and attracts the dating scene direct to you in a manner that’s safe, approachable, and ultimately helps individuals find their own happiness. Whether you’re interested in one-on-one training, or only want to meet people, SOMETHING IN COMMON is for you.

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It Is Never Too Late to Move Past Mistakes and Restart Your Life

Do you ever wonder if it is too late to proceed past mistakes and restart your life? Here’s a story from Bridgette, a reader who gives excellent insight on second chances and making a new beginning in life, and in love (printed with her permission).

You know how they say the small pregnancy stick with the two lines will change your life forever? Well for me, it certainly did. He was stuck in his”bad boy” stage, lost his car because of trouble with the law, and was not able to drive to see me anymore. I began to want someone somewhat more responsible.

After a few good months of having fun together, we drank a little too much one night, {} went to his room later. I especially remember the condom breaking, and for a moment we were {} , but we put the thought in the back of our heads. What were the chances that one broken condom could result in anything?

The boyfriend and I meet up, I tell him the information, and we opt to go buy a pregnancy test stick together. It’s positive. He tells me right off that his parents are extremely conservative and will need us to get married. After I spill the news to my mother, she agrees.

After dating my boyfriend for over two decades, I had jumped into a union situation after only 3 months of dating this man. When my son was 13 months old, I had another skipped period, and it was found that the mini pill my doctor put me on was not powerful enough for my young and powerful fertility. My daughter was subsequently born 22 months after my son.

My in-laws offered to help us out if we moved closer to them, from Michigan to North Carolina. My husband got the job move and we made the move. I adored North Carolina, and readily made some intimate mommy friends. While I loved my kids, I felt like I was pushed to motherhood extremely fast in life. I would speak with my friends back home who had been enjoying the life span of a normal woman in their early twenties, and I need to confess I felt jealous. I was always so quiet and studious, and felt that I missed the opportunity to go out and have fun.

I decided not to concentrate so much on the connection, and went back to college to begin focusing on myself.

After nine years of marriage I began to feel as if something wasn’t perfect. An entire decade had almost passed, and we were just in the exact same place where we began. I was ready to finish school and {} a new career. He had recently been fired from his job, and was unable to find new job, yet stayed home playing video games more frequently than he tried to locate a job.

While I tried hard to make things work, including counselling, I got to the point where I was done being put on the back burner in life. It was time to work toward creating a better life for myself and my children. After years of being someone else’s spouse, the urge to be on my own grew increasingly. I was frightened to death to live in my own, but I saved up and made it happen.

Initially, I felt quite scared about dating someone new. Thankfully Gregg gave me the resources and guidance that I had to get back out there. After so many years from the dating pool, I realized it’s important more than ever to maintain a digital relationship going, in addition to a real-life connection.

While I was worried about my children, I can say that they’re doing better than ever. They feel my newfound joy, which has in turn made them happier, too. I’ve been liberated from a lot of things which were holding me back before, and I am confident things will get better and better each day. It is an open world filled with many possibilities, and I am enjoying every second of it!

It is Never too Late to Look Beyond Mistakes and Restart YOUR Life!

Bridgette’s story isn’t that unique. The decision to restart your life is a frightening one for certain, and not one to be dismissed. If you are feeling stuck in a terrible position and feel like a resume may be necessary for you, check out a number of my books. My best recommendation is to begin with Comfortable in Your Own Shoes. Chances are, if you’re at this stage in your life, the very first thing you will need to do is start working on some favorable self-talk and a number of goals.

This post was formerly published on whoholdsthecardsnow.com and is republished here with permission from the author.


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Women and men Share the Largest Red Flags in a New Relationship

Maintaining your different dating profiles on The Apps is almost a fulltime job in itself, and even as soon as you meet someone, hit it off, and make it past the first date, there is no guarantee {} be plain sailing. At a thread on Reddit, women and men have been sharing the warning signals that something is not right in a new love, from small quibbles to important red flags.

1. Jealousy

It can sense flattering, initially, your new partner would like to keep you all to themselves but jealousy frequently leads to controlling behaviour. If your boyfriend or girlfriend acts annoyed whenever your focus is not on them, if they insist on knowing where you are, who you are spending time with, even who you are texting, then you are in an Bad relationship.

Another commenter cites:”When they start complaining about other people in your life and trying to get one to see just how’bad’ these people are for you.” If the person you’re seeing begins making disparaging or”anxious” opinions about your family and friends, and suggests you would be better off spending some time with only them, well, that’s textbook abuser behaviour. Abusive partners will often separate their spouse from their support network to be able to make them reliant on them. Here’s how to spot the signs that you are being manipulated by your spouse .

2. Flakiness

It is disappointing if the person you’re seeing texts one to cancel a date, and additional disheartening if they do it more than once. As one commenter puts it:”To an extent life can and will get in the way, but there is a certain degree of enthusiasm you wish to see from a prospective partner and if they can not muster it throughout the honeymoon period of relationship, it is probably not likely to improve afterwards.”

Here is the thing: we are all busy. But if somebody wants to see you, they will probably have the ability to carve out enough time in their busy schedule to get a fast java date in between their other obligations. Bear in mind, you deserve to be with someone who knows you are worth the effort.

3. The way they interact with others

Can they make harsh judgements about people they barely know? Are they rude to waiters? Even if they are being perfectly polite to you in that instant, this behaviour is a sign of how they treat other people generally, and shows you that it is possible they’ll behave this way towards you at a certain stage.

See also: people who only ever appear to talk about themselves on dates and do not ask you some questions. “Take note of the number of times they will say or begin a sentence with my/I/me/personally,” advises one commenter, as a time-saver.

4. The way they talk about past partners

Look, once you’re on a first or second date, the best thing to do is just not bring up your past relationships. If the conversation ends up going there, be short. And when someone talks about their ex in detail, you need to listen carefully: it is entirely possible that they aren’t over that individual, and you may end up cast in the role of rebound fling.

Equally concerning is if the person you’re seeing states that their ex is”mad”: that often translates into”they behaved in ways I found inconvenient,” or even”I cheated and they reacted emotionally.” You know what the common denominator there is. “If each of their exes are jerks, it probably means that they’re the jerk,” says one commenter. “The two crazies I dated {} this way about ALL their former relationships.”

Philip Ellis is a freelance writer and journalist from the United Kingdom covering pop culture, relationships and LGBTQ+ issues.

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When My Boyfriend and I’ve Issues, He Just Shuts Down. Ask Allana.

You requested Allana: When my boyfriend and I have troubles, he simply shuts down. He desires for this to blow over. How do I get him to convey?

[embedded material ]

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What I have discovered from the people that I bring as training clients is they generally have big hearts. They are extremely kinesthetic, they feel things so deeply, which is amazing because they have the capability to love intensely and have intimate deep relationships and really allow the deliciousness of being in our bodies come alive.

The other side of it is that when we hurt, we actually hurt. It hurts a bit more than what other people can experience. It could take a bit longer to bounce back than others once we have not developed certain capacities to browse this.

What I’d say to you is give him space. Image what’s it going to feel like if someone is coming after you and pushing? He’s going to shield even more. As you give him space, do not judge him because he will feel it and feel it, and he isn’t going to speak with you. Your job because you give him space and do not judge him is to breathe and feel. The suppressing of the feeling just sticks at a location and you get nowhere. And this is a blueprint, you probably have a number of layers you’ve stuffed down. So my request is that you breathe and feel.

What happens when we really sit in the fire and breathe, the energy starts to change, to dissipate, to be discharged and you can rest on your body again. You may come home to yourself. You can be connected to the entire world and your instinct and your understanding, if you’re ready to experience this. I am not saying it is easy or enjoyable. It’s not but it’s just temporary, it isn’t forever. The resisting, that’s suffering. The pain of feeling it — that’s extreme. On the other side, you’re likely to find, I promise some wisdom and insight into why that fight occurred. Something he may be missing, something you may be missing. Something you may actually have a fantastic conversation about.

Step three, is to convey from this place of non-judgment. Then once you tackle him, let it be at a sandwich –“I love you. I care. I’m committed that we have an awesome relationship.” First bit of bread. At the center –“I discovered perhaps I was a controlling and pushy” OR”Perhaps I was not appreciating you.” Whatever insight you’ve got on your moment of kindness. Or perhaps you miss him or perhaps you just want to have more time together. You’re likely to get some insight so share it as an invitation. Place the bread on the end –“I’d like to hear how I could be a better girlfriend for you. Let you know how much I love you. How I can make our relationships much better.” So once you have that sort of conversation and you aren’t coming, where the one thing he can do is be defensive, it’s an invitation to reconnect into oneness, romantic relationship, and conversation.

I anticipate a terrific breakthrough for you. For those who have any difficulty with this at all, you aren’t alone. So in case you prefer to reserve a plan sessions, for me to maintain space for the both of you, or even just for me to allow you to feel through all of the discomfort so that you can rest in peace and listen to your own instinct, I’d like this — allanapratt.com/strategy. Only you and I or as a couple. I’m here for you and I believe in you.

All my love,


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We’ve been told that love is a really significant and precious thing. Lots of individuals invest a whole lot of energy and time to”finding the one” that, sorry to break it to you, doesn’t exist, then when they find that the person they’ve determined is the one, they work hard to make the ideal relationship, which also doesn’t exist.There’s lots of significance around romance and relationships. And much more significance around the term,”I love you.” What does saying,”I love you” mean to the connection? When’s the ideal time to say it? Waiting for how long is too long? Ugh. The expectations and conclusions about those 3 little words can be infinite.The tricky thing about the term,”I love you” is that there are several definitions of love and what it means, and your definition might not be the same as your spouses.Second of all, love is a conclusion. When you say, I adore you, you’re operating from the idea you’ve completed everything. You think,”That is enough. That’s all I must do.” If you want a relationship that is exciting, fun, lively and always getting better, here are 3 phrases which are more significant than that I love you. 1. I’m grateful for you. The thing that will kill a connection quicker than anything is ruling. The judgment of your spouse. The judgment of this relationship. Whenever you are in judgment you’re not experiencing gratitude because gratitude and judgment don’t co-exist. You’re either choosing one or another.When you select gratitude, everything in your life gets greater. When you select gratitude, judgment goes off. Like everything, cultivating gratitude in your life begins with gratitude for you. What about YOU are you thankful for? Be with that for a minute and from that point, what gratitude can you say for your spouse? If you took time each day to say thank you to yourself and to say thank you to your spouse, how much pleasure would there be in your connection?The majority of us are very good at the judgment and not so great at gratitude. A excellent way to rekindle a sense of gratitude, start a gratitude journal and each day write down at least one thing {} thankful for about one and you thing you are grateful for about your spouse. As you construct gratitude, gratitude will grow into one of the principal components of your relationship.2. Regardless of what that is? Often times in a relationship, we determine that partners should do everything together or our spouse should do what makes us happy. Whenever we stop picking for ourselves, whenever we expect a person to give up something for us, the relationship suffers. Among the critical elements of a successful relationship is that both parties are permitted to choose for themselves and do anything they want.Give it a go and see what happens. Remind your partner that you encourage them doing whatever makes them happy. Give yourself the exact same permission. When you aren’t trying to control you or your spouse, your relationship can grow.3. A relationship starts because we choose it. We choose a specific individual as our partner. We choose what we want our relationship to be like. Butoftentimes, that busy picking goes away and we begin to exist in the connection. And, if we’re not actively choosing our connection, we’re not creating it. Pick daily and let your spouse know. Daily choosing to be on your connection stops the autopilot which frequently happens in relationships and brings you back to the imagination, fun, and excitement that has been there initially.The words”I love you” have been the words we believe we will need to hear to prove to us that our relationship is solid and powerful. However, there are key elements of a connection which are greater than”I love you,” that if conveyed allow connections to be higher than you can imagine. Express your gratitude. Give your spouse space and freedom to choose. Inform them every day that you select to have them in your life. Create this surroundings and enjoy the experience.–This post is sponsored by McKell Media.

Here are 3 significant phrases to rekindle the love in your relationship.

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These Friendship Apps Can Help You Boost Your Social Circle

Unpopular opinion: It is harder to make friends as an adult than it is to date. After all, we’ve got countless dating programs that are especially designed to help us find a romantic partner, but fewer to help us make friends.

The thing is, we are taught from a young age that making friends is something we should be able to do on our own; if we partake in the activities we like, we will have the ability to meet others with similar interests, and presto-chango, you have five new best friends. But after college and high school, that is reallyn’t the case. And if you are a freelancer that works from home, then forget about ityou can not even make a work buddy, unless the Starbucks barista is to hang down.

Friendship apps might be less common than relationship programs, but they do exist–even some who are just like Tinder! Other men use major social networking sites, like Twitter and Instagram, to grow their social circles. We spoke to 10 distinct men to discover how, as adults, they have made close friends using programs. Here is what they said.

While the majority of us understand Bumble as a favorite dating program, you may not understand they recently added a feature named BumbleBFF for people just looking to make friends. After downloading the program, you can enter your own personal profile, and change the preferences from BumbleDate into BumbleBFF, and flourish! You will have the ability to match with different guys searching for friendship.

“We all recognize that Bumble is the program when women message first, but they also have a new portion of the program where you can make friends. To tell the truth, I am new to it, but so far it is cool. It’s a bit weird because it is coming from a dating program. Additionally, you still ask the very same questions you’d ask somebody you are trying to date, for example,’What actions are you’ So, actually as I write this out, I am not sure. Hahaha! I guess I will keep trying it a little longer.” –Sam 28

“I first began using BumbleBFF last March. I have matched with about 150 because I started using the program, but I just regularly hang out with two of these. I normally try to initiate the dialogue based on something I read in their profile. Then, once I have established common ground and we have conversed for a little, I encourage them to meet me up for some coffee or a drink.”

The best way to make friends on Twitter is by engaging with other people’ tweets through enjoys, answers, and retweets. As soon as you’ve established a connection with someone in your deadline, you can send them a direct message to keep the dialogue moving.

“When you consider slipping into someones DM’s on Instagram, you generally think of it as being thirsty, but with Twitter it is not like that. You can connect about your ideas and interests. Also, I am a writer, so I share a whole lot of my work on Twitter, and folks will tell me they enjoy my job, and we’ll begin talking, and before you know it, we are friends.”

“It’s kind of been casual, I have made plenty of amazing friends who reside in exactly the exact same queer culture as me, if not always the exact same city. And over the years that has led me to blur the definition between follower and friend. Like, I will follow somebody and we are pouring our hearts to one another via DM through the day.”

“It’s hit or miss for sure, but I mean, Meetup, in theory, are the best way to make friends IRL since you are with a whole lot of different people with similar interests that are also looking to make friends. I have def made some of my closest friends from it. And I mean, let’s say the group of men is not great, whatever, you are still doing something which you like to perform. It’s still a fantastic time.”

The best way to make friends on Instagram is by simply responding to someone’s stories. If they respond to youpersonally, it’s easy to strike up a conversation from that point. You may also find other people with similar interests and identities by subsequent hashtags that are relevant to your passions.

“You get a sense of who they are from their story and feed. Their interests. It’s easy to connect that way, through a mutual interest.”

“Yeah, I’ve messaged some men on Insta thinking there is a possibility to community, but then we meet up for drinks, realized there really isn’t, and only became buds then.”

“Insta makes it simple. You can see when you have mutuals. You can see exactly what the individual enjoys and how they feel. It’s really simple to link based on similarities. I feel like more of my friendships begin on Instagram than anyplace else the days. It is straightforward and you may open a convo based on practically anything. I’ve got friends from the States to Italy to the UK, only from Instagram convos that began mega randomly.”