Bad Sex… Not Just a Myth

Bad Sex… Not Just a Myth

Bad Sex… Not Just a MythYou have heard the saying. Bad sex is like pizza that is bad, it does not exist. But just as surely as you have had bad pizza in your own life, there are bound to be occasions when you’ve got a less-than-stellar sexual experience. Apart from being frustrating and pointless, this may actually perpetuate disappointing sexual experiences by making both parties concerned in their performance. A much better solution is to use the 3 strikes rule. If it happens once, ignore it.

Everybody has an off day.

Even Michael Jordan did not sink the shot every time. If it occurs again, talk about it, but do not dwell on it. Make certain you were not trying an uncomfortable position or that you were not preoccupied with other ideas at the moment. If it happens a third time, think about this simple shift in technique.

Talk it out throughout the act.

Ask your partner what they would like you to do and then do it. Trade ideas like these back and forth during the semester, relinquishing control, responding and appreciating the reciprocation. It works because it helps us concentrate less on ourselves and over the other person, which reduces our anxiety at the moment. At the same time, it opens us up to new things we might not have understood our spouse liked… which is also an indication of growing trust. Be open to trying new places or perhaps introducing some sexy props if that will take the two of you to another level. Precisely how talkative you opt to get is completely your choice, but it ought to be comfortable after you get over the first shift. Beyond that, it is entirely your call whether to keep it, but when it took you to new heights after, is not it worth trying again later on?

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Sex Tips Every Man Should Know About Women

Sex Tips Every Man Needs to Know About Women

Sex Tips Every Man Needs to Know About WomenYou have probably found yourself stumbling in regards to sex with girls from finding the proper way to begin sex to helping her achieve orgasm when you’re ready 15 minutes past. Women and men are very different when it comes to sex and understanding which may be a life saver when you are fumbling and stumbling from the sea of sex. The issue is most guys are completely in the dark about what women want and how to make it happen in a way that will give her pleasure too.

Below are 4 sex tips every man should know about women to receive her in the mood.

Do Just Say “Wanna’ Have Sex?”

If you are horny, do not just blurt out”Wanna’ Have Sex?” Personalize the way you ask her and make her feel as though it’s not just because you are horny. Tell her something like she is beautiful and you need to create love with her, however, do not just tell her”Wanna’ Have Sex?” Like she’s a convenient partner to while away a couple of minutes with.

Romance Her

Women oftentimes aren’t ready and raring to go right off the bat; they have to be romanced for to the level you are at within only a couple seconds. This is most likely tired tips that you’ve heard a thousand times, but you may simply have to listen to it a million and one to actually let it sink it. Romance her and turn the occasion into a feast for the senses by creating the ideal atmosphere and using your body and words to receive her into the mood.

Do not overlook she Takes Longer to Get to the Finish Line

Men can get an orgasm within only a couple minutes of starting, but for many women it’s a slow build over the course of 15-20 minutes. Girls need foreplay before the main event, so don’t skimp on the caresses, kisses, snacks, etc.. Get her there with you and you will both enjoy the event from beginning to end.

Sometimes women need more than just physical pleasure they want psychological pleasure too in the kind of you talking about fantasies, sex positions and fantasies you have about her. Help her envision a much more exciting position or dream and spice up both your sex lives with these”dirty” words. Speak to her, you would be amazed by how much the two of you love it.

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Gender – Losing That Loving Feeling?

Sex - Losing That Loving Feeling

Sex - Losing That Loving FeelingWhen you consider it, it is kind of absurd that men are expected to be”ready to go” for sex {} time the opportunity strikes. It is like telling Peyton Manning he would better be prepared to throw a touchdown whenever a random fan walks up to him with a football. Sex, like anything else worth doing well, takes a small amount of focus and in the event you can not silence your mind from the rest of your work and duties sex becomes a chore instead of an enjoyable activity.

How to Maintain Your Gender Life Spicy

The solution is truly easier than you think — and it’ll earn you some bonus points with your spouse at exactly the identical time. Ensure foreplay is a two-person game. You will be amazed how fast your partner will probably jump at the opportunity to take turns at massage or discuss in whispering sensual secrets to one another. If you are not well versed in foreplay here are a few fail save moves which will peak her interest without even turning off her.

– Start Early

You don’t need to wait until you are in bed to begin foreplay. If you are out on a date sit closely and caress her thighs.

If you rush through foreplay it will not give her the chance to completely immerse in the action. If you really want her sexual desires to stream you need to permit her head to take her to this alluring location.

Kiss her from her neck all the way down south. The slower you make your way down the longer she will crave to feel your touch and can not wait for one to slider down her panties.

Possibly the most important advice is not to over complicate your foreplay session. It may be anything that amuses your head in the moment and enables your body and mind to rev up to the concept of a sexual experience. You’ll realize that the experience itself can be heightened by building a small healthier anticipation and you will be conditioning yourself to feel more amorous on future events. Not bad for a couple of minutes of tantalizing fun.

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Back Pain – Poor Back. Very good Sex.

Back Pain - Bad Back. Good Sex

Back Pain - Bad Back. Good SexYoung, old, male or female… anybody can experience back pain to a level which makes sex uncomfortable. For many, back pain might even be so severe that they remove sex from their own lives. It’s unfortunate that several of the same nerves that bring us pleasure could change to cause excruciating pain with just the slightest change of movement or position. At exactly the exact same time, unless your back pain is caused by a significant injury, a degenerative illness, or a spinal defect, there are many different ways for you to keep on enjoying sex without subjecting yourself to future pain.

The Way to Still Have Great Sex With Back Pain

Get a Fantastic back prop

Keep your knees elevated/bent during sex as this will keep your lower spine stretched rather than arched which frequently relieves pressure on nerves that are stressed.

Try a new place

If laying flat on your back is uncomfortable, consider laying sideways or attempt sitting or standing positions. By disengaging your back muscles in the sexual activity, you reduce your chance for pinching or bothersome pain nerves. Kneeling provides the fullest opportunity for the back to relax.

Consider wedges and erotic furniture

If you require extra support or even less effect on your spine. These relatively simple tools can provide a vast array of comfortable positions for both you and your spouse, and at a reasonable price.

Clearly, if you are in pain despite trying these tips, seek the advice of a physician or chiropractor. There could be something serious going on that needs medical care. But if the pain is manageable or irregular, it may be that sex can help your back pain. Gender frequently participates your lower back and core muscles. These, in turn, encourage your spine. When strong and in good shape, these muscles prevent unhealthy spinal curvature — the source of most lower back pain. Sex works these back muscles to strength, and may, over time, relieve your back pain and keep it from coming back.

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Reasons Why You Need to Have More Sex

Reasons Why You Should Have More Sex

Reasons Why You Should Have More SexAt the confines of a committed relationship, sex frequently receives a good-yet-bad rap. Yes, those in the connection are more likely to tell you that their sexual lives are all about emotional connection and closeness; but they are also very likely to tell you sex does not fulfill their expectations sometimes.

Top ways to get more sex

Rather than take this as a indication that the love is cooling off — or perhaps that the relationship is coming a natural plateau or ending, there’s a way to bring back the glow to some sexual dynamic.

Just Do It.

Others call it”freebie sex” It is not the term that matters. It is the act. Simply having more sex for the pure physical pleasure it offers. Recognizing and respecting that sex does not always need to be an emotional adventure or profound experience of shared enthusiasm. It may be a fun, carefree, and dare-we-say fast experience.

The reason why it works for a lot of couples is because gender is much like a fitness regimen. The more you train, the more you wish to play. The higher your desire becomes to take part in a game with another person. Our bodies are programmed to react in similar fashion to gender.

Train your brain for more sex

The more we have sex; the more we need sex. This goes for women and men. We think about sex more frequently in positive ways. We become more receptive to the suggestion of sex, especially from a trustworthy partner. We become more concentrated on the action itself — researching those places and techniques that give ourselves or our spouses greater pleasure.

Conversely, when our brains start to feel that sex either is not available or it does not fulfill our needs, hormone levels really diminish only enough to soften the libido and make us less inclined to seek out or take part in sex.

Mental importance of regular sex

Sex is quite important in a relationship as it is the bond that holds both of you together. If one partner loses interest or doesn’t feel like engaging in sex on a regular basis the connection will shortly follow that same path. That’s particularly true for men since we’re packed full of testosterone and hormones and need the physical discharge sex brings. So don’t be afraid to talk and tell her your wants, she will be delighted to know that you’re communicating to her and when she’s a fantastic spouse she will be more than delighted to fulfill what you’re longing for.

For those concerned that your spouse will still want”a reason” for intercourse — try suggesting that sex can be a celebration of the relationship you have enjoyed to this point. If you enter into the experience with a worry-free mindset you may rediscover a spark you thought was hiding.

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4 Tips for Men in Bed

Any woman has the ability to satisfy their partner and have a healthy sexual life involving intercourse on a regular basis to satisfy their needs and that of their partner. People who are more open about their sexuality tend to experience sex naturally and more frequently.

Below are four tips that will go a long way in helping you improve your sex life and have sex regularly with your boyfriend.

  1. Anticipating the moment

Anticipation has been shown to be very powerful over your psyche. It will force you to think about sex and make you start anticipating for that moment. There is sexual tension building this process, and this will get both of you excited and look forward to it.

There are different options when it comes to creating anticipation, but the most common is doing it over the phone using text. Send hints to your partner, and if you are close and trust each other, you can go the extra mile of sending them a sexy picture of you.

Another option is directly implying it or sending them private hints when you are both out with your friends. There will be more electricity and intensity when there are people around. You can touch him beneath the table using your leg or hand, then whispering dirty words to their ear. Perhaps you could suggest using the interesting “devices” at LTC, or suggest light roleplay.

Depending on how close you are or personality, you can leave them feeling wanted or aroused anywhere, anytime, and in many ways. Your main goal with this process is going for it.

If you are shy, you might have a harder time creating anticipation, but you will start getting used to it once you start and you will be able to see the benefits. You will start feeling more comfortable with different techniques. Visual techniques work best for men.

  1. Creating some visual effects

There are some coy girl sexual hints and signs that can come in handy when it comes to anticipation. Some of them include biting the lower lip, looking deep into their eyes, leaning towards them so they can have a better view of your low cut neck.

There are some that are really sexual and will most likely get them very excited. Your imagination will go a long way in helping you with this process. Some great examples include; slowly and provocatively undressing, giving them a striptease show, caressing and rubbing your breasts, and even masturbating in front of them.

While this will not work the same way for your situation, every guy is usually turned on when they see their partner touching herself.

A man will also like seeing you pleasuring them. You should let your partner see the action during foreplay, blow job, and intercourse.

  1. Getting Vocal

You can ask your partner to touch you or pleasure you in certain ways. This can at first seem dull and too frank, but they are going to be delighted to do what you want, especially if you guide them through or give them details.

Whispering close to their ear will help in heating up the atmosphere. When whispering close to their ear, make sure they can feel the breath and moisture from your mouth. This can be even better if there is dirty talk. This is very effective when used as an anticipator.

  1. Getting flirty and touchy

There are some subtle ways you can take when building sexual tension. Some of the things you can do are to caress the neck/ inside their arm/ palm using a finger in a back and forth movement, sit on their lap, slightly fuss your butt, stick your hand into their trouser into their front pocket like you want to grab the phone/keys, squeeze against them in a sensual manner, etc.

When doing the above gestures, always make sure they come with a suggestive look to their eyes and smile. These can also be great anticipators when you are in public.

If you want to try something that will have immediate effects, try out escalating to physical contact when you are having a conversation or watching the movie. Doing this out of the blue can be very effective.

Just start at the back of their neck then run your hands down their shoulder, slide over their chest. You fingers should then gently flow down their belly, and by the time you reach their dick, it will already be hard. Another option is setting a massage session then escalating to sensual touch.

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