Pelvic Tension, Sexual Tension, Life Tension

All of us carry an enormous quantity of tension in our bodies and in various areas of our being.
This tension is one of the best blocks to us experiencing profound heights of sensual and sexual pleasure.

The tension we hold is now second nature for so many people. In actuality, beyond that, it has become our character. It is so deeply ingrained that we frequently don’t even know it is there, and over that, we’ve got no idea how we would be without it. It has become our definition.
The tension goes deeply into our bodies, into muscles, nerves, ligaments, glands and organs. It runs through our minds and hearts, effecting emotions and thoughts.

And sensations.

And Sensations.
The pressure we hold, especially in and around our pelvis is among the best blocks to us having more and deeper fulfilling pleasure experiences.
Going even farther than that, it is a huge and frequently unacknowledged reason behind many sexual problems for both women and men.
In men, it manifests in erection and premature ejaculation problems, and in women, it has a massive effect on anorgasmia, yoni tension, and painful sex.

We hold things there, virtually all of us. And it is deep stuff, from way back. The bodily tension is directly linked to our emotional patterns, our guilt, our shame, our humiliation. To everything, we have had to do to find acceptance and love. To each time we gave ourselves off. To each time we felt not good enough, and all of the decisions and insecurities that come out of that.

This is what stays in our pelvic muscles. And include the tension of modern life, the constant tension we live with in a world always on the edge of insanity.

Letting go into joy, letting go deeply into joy gets harder and harder. Having orgasms, for people who do, is simple. Deep pleasure, another story.

The pressure in our pelvis impacts on the whole body. The greater the tension and stiffness there, the greater the tension throughout your body. Here is an interesting little aside, more headaches and neck aches could be alleviated through deep gluteal massage compared to shoulder and neck massage. And much more headaches and stress-related ailments, that’s the single most significant cause of illness in the world, would be alleviated through profound pleasure experiences more than anything else.

The pressure in our pelvis changes how the whole body sits. And the effect on the sexuality is huge. 1 instance of this, which affects a lot of women, is that constriction from the pelvis makes it incredibly hard for the G-Spot to become alert and aroused. Another is that all these men seek sexual control to deepen their own enjoyment, in addition to that of their spouses. Tension in the muscles of the groin and deep within the anus makes this extremely tricky.

Deep release work of those muscles not only increases our pleasure chances but releases the entire body into a more balanced and relaxed condition. And there is more.

Gabor Mate talks about two ways of being.

The first is defensive and protective, which we spend the majority of our lives in. This is a condition of tension and survival. It is a state of tension, of the brain, of their body, of the heart and of our vitality.

It is a state of regeneration. Movement of any kind gets difficult in this nation.

Another way of being is engaged and open. In this we are curious, we are exploring, we’re learning, we are expanding, we are moving.

There’s rhythm.

The rhythm of discharge, the rhythm of comfort, the rhythm of letting go.

For so many people, our tension, that which we hold on, in every way, has come to define us. As we begin to give up this we’re in a position to redefine ourselves, become somebody different and live otherwise, experience differently, feel differently.

It’s really a no-brainer.
Less tension, more comfort, way more pleasure.

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