The Slow Magic

Slow brings us into existence.

All else drifts away naturally when we exist.
There is absolutely not any struggle in slow, there’s surrender, to this moment, to our own body, to our breath, to feeling, to feeling.
In slow there’s flow. The way we proceed becomes a pure expression of the silent within.
This is the silent of intimacy, of relationship.
In slow we’re aware, expanded.
In slow we believe we go deeper, softly, easily.
Nothing is forced, we’re aligned.
In slow there’s softness, an energy which moves within me, within you, that surrounds usmoves between us cocoons us.
In slow there isn’t any time, we drift into endlessness.

Allow the slow start with your breath.
Into your heart, from your heart.

Let your kiss be slow, the assembly of your lips a caress that is barely there.
Allow the dancing of your mouths be slow, an exploration which sips me.
Let your signature be slow, so slow.

I feel your skin, your body with a stroke which just moves. Your curves, your valleys, your hills, endless under my slowly moving hands.

Gradually I breathe you to me, your scent, your breath. I fill my lungs with you to the base of my breath.

Let your marriage be slow, so slow, even slower.
Let your body get your fan as a flower opens to the morning sunshine.
Allow yourself to be drawn into this sacred flower, spreading her petals in exquisite sensation.

At the slow you breathe your growth, filling her with your warmth.
From the slow, you dancing deeper and deeper in the liquid puzzle.
Each movement, every breath, fills your entire body.

In the slow, you’re open for the energy to move through you.
From the slow, you go beyond the mind, beyond the body, into consciousness.

There’s healing in the slow.
Deep recovery, deep release as that we have held onto, what has held onto us, dissolves.

There’s intimacy from the slow.
Deep intimacy.
The slow brings us into existence.
Presence is an element of familiarity.

There’s magic in the slow.
It takes a while, it takes practice to be current.
It takes some time for us to understand and feel and love the subtle, and oh, how delicious the subtle is.

Millimeter by millimeter we start, micro-movements.
It takes a while for us to find the place in us that may be without continuous stimulation, so that allows power to move, to flow, to sense that stream, to observe it and maintain it.
There’s learning from the slow, teaching from the slow because it draws us deeper inside and we listen to the inner voice, we learn to listen to it talk without words.

There’s magic in the slow.

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