Move Your Sex Routine from the Bedroom

Move Your Sex Routine Out of the Bedroom

Move Your Sex Routine Out of the BedroomThe key to any good connection is learning how to reinvent yourself and enhance your connection in the sex arena. However harmonious or how in love you are with another person at one time or another you’re sure to get a bit bored with your regular sex pattern.

Do not get stuck in a sex pattern try out these thought

If you feel yourself so stuck in a routine you just move into another position on cue it is time to take your sex life from your mattress and move elsewhere in the home.

If your shower is big enough to fit two adults we advise you to begin your first out of bed sexpierence there. You can clean up while making sweet love. Now discuss mutli-tasking! A fantastic position to begin with is her confronting the shower spout as you’re behind holding her. Start slowly and be sure you have a fantastic grip. There is just something about the steam and the water pouring down which heightens the experience.

Sex in the Living Room

Think that the living room is only for watching television and lounging around? It doesn’t need to be. Find some time and turn tv or movie time into a hot sexual experience. You know, what you used to do at the start of your relationship.

The kitchen is filled with props for juicy foreplay. Start by gently applying fruit and eating it off each other’s body. Then prop her up on the counter or hold her from behind while she braces on the counters border.

Sex Outdoors

Based on how personal your garden and the weather there is nothing that beats making love in the wonderful outdoors. For those who own a pool or spa start out with a lively skinny dip then proceed out to a lawn chair or bring a blanket to spread out. You will be pleasantly surprised at how moving your sex pattern from the typical surroundings can bring an entirely new level of intimacy to your relationship.

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