Are you surrounded by poisonous food? Toxic men and women?

It occurrs to me, through my training, that many of you can’t get out of your way, not because you are not trying, but because your environment are detrimental to your own growth. To put it bluntly — your surroundings sucks!

Hello, Gregg here to weigh in on this important topic!

I am sorry, but when your roommate just pushes tacos down her throat while watching reality shows with her loser boyfriend daily, along with your Mother calls each afternoon wondering what you’re going to do with your life, then it is time for change. Misery loves company — and it is time to take a tough look at what’s contributing to your own distress.

Change comes from within, but to start making changes, it’s important to surround yourself with a support system that motivates you, not one that holds you back. Included in your new vision and goals, there must be a clause saying how you’re going to break free from the”bad business.” And I’m not referring to the 80’s ring.

Talk to your family and friends and get them on board with your targets.

You’ll be amazed, when you ask them, just how supportive they can be. If they are not, then lose these friends or (in the event of household ) limit your vulnerability to times when you’re able to handle their misery.

Reach out to new people

I discuss getting mentors in your life all the time. Go out, find, and stick to these people. These are the couple that share your passions, love to try new things, and have the capacity to shut down their electronic equipment for a second to discuss a genuine thought!

Clean out your surroundings

Unplug the Xbox, clean out the junk food in the cabinets and start Shaun T’s T25 CD work out, then watch your endorphins dance following this gigantic calorie-killing workout!

Have your kindle or IPad billed and beside your favorite chair, loaded with my relationship books! Set up an area out so that you can get out there during pleasant weather and do a few activities. Inside, make a few changes that will signify the changes to come. Make things brighter and throw some positive sayings up on the wall. Establish a yoga and meditation place!


Your surroundings could be the roadblock to your success. Look around and take stock. Ensure your outside, negative impacts are lessened, if not gone. Integrate these 3 things to your new goals (you’re setting new objectives, right?) And see the magic happen!

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