A Dragon at Paris

I’ve been to Paris before, but this is the first time I’ve had a few days to research and experience its town and its folks. Paris is a very large city, bigger than most other major European cities, so I am sure my observations will not apply to the whole city or every area. I spent most of my time around the central core, from the financial district at the West to Charles De Gualle from the East.  

The Girls  

As always, let us cover the girls first. It is probably no surprise to hear me say that French girls are clearly the best-looking girls in Western Europe. But A) that is not saying much; B) recall that I am excluding equally Scandinavia and Eastern Europe when I say”Western Europe”; C) they are not much better-looking compared to other nations, just marginally so.

All that being said, yes, there are hot girls here, that is very unlike London and Berlin. Not one of the sexy women in Paris (that I have seen anyway) are super-hDecision t and many women are not hot or cute, exactly like any other city. But this could be my American Societal programming kicking in without me realizing it. French individuals have a tendency to have noses that look strange to American eyes which extends to the adorable and sexy women here. Perhaps if you are a non-American you may find them more appealing than I do.  

French girls have the best bodies in Western Europe and here they shine far past their British and German counterparts. Women in France are a lot more likely to have bigger boobs and larger, rounder asses than any other Western European country by far.  

Do not get me wrong; women’s curviness here is nothing like South America, not even close. It is more on par with the USA where you can discover curvy girls compared to Germany (where there are almost none since they are too skinny) or London (where they have a tendency to be obese and/or have a gigantic mix of body types).  

Regrettably, I have discovered that many of those negative stereotypes of French folks have a tendency to be true. I’ll cover some of them I have experienced both on this trip and prior trips I have taken to France.  

First off is the body odor. Holy shit. Yes, the stereotype that French people do not shower as often is accurate, or {} be, because many times I have been smacked in the face with very horrible man body odor. I don’t mean the kind where you say”Hm, that man needs cologne.” Oh no, I am talking about being bowled over with the worst BO you have ever smelt in your lifetime.   

I have noticed this shitty BO consistently comes in guys, never from girls. I guess it is just a part of the culture. The men here also have a tendency to be shorter on average than guys in Germany (who are tall), guys in England (who come in all shapes and sizes) and guys in Italy (who are short and wide, but not quite this brief ).  

Xenophobia. I’ve discovered the stereotype that French men and women are intolerant of foreigners (like other Europeans) at least partly correct. On one of my trips here I took my Mom. She obtained many dirty looks from French people as it was clear she could not speak the language. Uber drivers here are very quiet when they realize you are an American, that is the reverse of Uber drivers in London and Berlin that are extremely talkative and friendly nearly across the board.  

It is really something. You’d better get used to cigarette smoke if you spend any extended time in Paris. Normally I do not care but now it was troublesome because Pink Firefly, who had been with me on this excursion, is allergic to cigarette smoke (it really makes her ill; it triggers some interesting scenarios once we go to Vegas), so it was hard for her.   

SDecision , I needed to explain to her that left-wing France does not possess the hyper-negative stigma attached to smokes the left-wing does in the USA.   

Side notice : I have never smoked and I despise cigarettes with a passion, but I am a libertarian so I am against cigarettes being prohibited. (See? I can separate my personal opinions from what I’d impose on society. It is called rationality.) But I digress.  

Surprisingly, Parisians are much more”spacey” than many other huge city-dwellers. People in Paris, despite living in one of the biggest and busiest cities on Earth often walk around like they are in dream state, abruptly stopping without checking them behind, or gradually turning around while in the midst of dense crowd, or simply standing there staring off into space rather than moving aside. Quite a few times I nearly crashed into French people acting like they were alone out in an open field as opposed to in a crowded, speedy moving town. Very weird.

People like this always make me overlook Asia. Those town dwellers are focused and fast and do not fuck around. Much better in my opinion.  

French individuals are a whole lot more socially aggressive, which I kind of like. This could be a comparison to people like the Canadians that are more socially passive. French individuals have no issue at walking right up to you in the airport and (politely) telling you to move your ass two chairs over so that they could sit closer to the USB port so that they could charge their phone. A random girl on the plane pretty much handed me her massive bag and expected me to place it under the chair in front of me since she had been sitting in an exit row. A man standing behind Pink Firefly in a line told me that she had to shut her handbag and that it was dangerous for her to have it open. Most people in many countries do not have these sorts of societal chunks, but the French certainly do.  

That handbag thing leads into the dilemma of crime in Paris. The petty crime rate here is pretty bad. After we were settled PF left her handbag in the hotel room once we went out due to the pickpockets here, something she did not have to actually worry too much about in different countries. Western collapse hits all states distinct ly, and in Paris, one of its symptoms is the hugely growing crime rate.  

It combines the cool factor of New York with the wealthy and grand history of London.  I could spend maybe two weeks here only going through all the significant historic sites, appreciate every second of it and still not get to everything. This is along with different areas within easy driving distance I could experience (but have not yet) such as the Palace of Versailles 

The Eiffel Tower is a wonder to behold and no movies or pictures do it justice if you have never seen it in real life. When you walk beneath it, you’re overwhelmed by the sheer size of this thing, in addition to the fact that they built the damn thing from the 1800s. I have been up into the tower twice today and it is still no less exciting. In ordinary, slow, disorganized, European style, you will wait almost 3 hours in a variety of lines so as to really get in the damn thing, but hey, it is Europe; you have got to anticipate that shit here. And, in the case of the Eiffel Tower, it is worth it.  

This time I remained in the financial district, the one area of city with modern skyscrapers, but spent most of our down time in the center in which the buildings are older and a great deal more interesting. Paris is a special mixture of high-tech contemporary, beautiful historical, typical old-school European, and pure shit. It probably has more taste than any other Western city in the world.  

I have always wondered who in European cities select their odd, uniformed color schemes. Pretty much every construction in Paris is beige with a gray roof. Here’s what I mean: 

Is not that funny? (It is just like Berlin where pretty much all of the buildings have red roofs.)  

Who decided that all roofs and buildings in this city must be that color? Is not that weird? If you answer it is due to the coloration of the building materials, that does not make any sense because only a two- hour flight away and all of the buildings are another color.

The uniformity of colour in Western buildings is so odd to me and always was. Collectivism at its best I guess.

That brings us to the driving. The French are not the insane, mad, suicidal maniacs that the Italians are. However, the Parisians have, for some odd reason, built these strange circle-streets which are five or six lanes wide where multiple roads converge. Whenever someone drives into {} insane circles, prepare for some serious screaming, yelling, bitching and participating in near-suicidal driving tactics so as to make it through multiple unmarked lanes of traffic stuffed with different drivers who do not want to let you through.   

It is hilarious. PF was terrified and I was laughing. Who the fuck thought of the system? Humorously dumb and wasteful. (Entertaining though, always watching your Uber/taxi driver shout and get shouted at by other motorists as they try to navigate this shit.)  

In conclusion, Paris is a really intriguing and entertaining town and one of these places I could spend a few weeks researching. Regrettably, I have other cities I want to see, and this marks the end of this particular trip back to Europe. Next time I travel globally in a couple of weeks it is to Paraguay to buy my farm and New Zealand to locate my new residence. I will also hit Russia and Eastern Europe in 2020 and I will review all of it here then.  

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A Dragon In Germany

Germany! Without Germany, there will be no Europe as we know it now, at least financially speaking. Germany has the highest GDP in Europe by far, over 30% greater than the GDP of the united kingdom (in a distant second place) and one of just five European nations that have a GDP of over $1 billion. (The huge majority of European nations have a GDP of less than $500 million each.)  

I have done a great deal of business with Germans and German firms over the past 25 years, but this is the first time that I’ve spent any extended time in Germany, Berlin particularly, to really get a sense of the country. It is something I have wanted to do for quite a long time, having learned to talk very shitty German when I was a young guy and always being interested in the culture. Germans had always appeared to be harder-working and more concentrated than other Europeans, something I later found was accurate.  

On this particular trip I hit London for a couple of days (a town I {} here a couple of years back ), then Berlin for some time, both of which on company (including my Alpha 2.0 World Tour). Then I will spend a Couple of Days in Paris to get a mini holiday , which I will discuss in another article.   

Pink Firefly went with me on this excursion for once. White American girls normally have little interest in visiting Asia and zero interest going anywhere close to South America, but Europe, and Paris in particular, is where they fantasize about moving their whole lives. When I told her I was coming, she was too excited to join me, very unlike the majority of the other foreign trips I take 

But right now, I am in Berlin.  

The best word I can use to explain Berlin is sleepy. This town is, quite strangely, the sleepiest, quietest, least crowded significant city I’ve probably ever seen anywhere in the whole world. Often it does not even feel like a city. Cities such as Sydney, Vancouver, and San Diego have much smaller populations than Berlin’s six million (greater metro area), and those cities are packed with Exotic individuals always going to and fro at all hours of the night and day.  

Add this to the fact that they really don’t have any skyscrapers here (the tallest office construction in the whole city is just 37 flooring ) and Berlin feels 37 ike you are in a really small town at least much of the time. It is really strange. The comparison coming {} from crowded-as-usual London was shocking.  

Some may argue that this is because Berlin is quite spread out, but that makes no sense, since cities such as Los Angeles and Miami are also really spread out, but enormous crowds in those cities are still common and ordinary. It is almost like Berliners just do not go out very much. I truly don’t know.  

All this lends itself to a very relaxing vibe. 1 morning I commented to Pink Firefly that visiting Berlin is almost like visiting the beach (though there’s absolutely no shore, obviously). It is that relaxing. It is very wonderful and I truly enjoy the relaxed vibe here. Traffic can also be quite manageable due to this, even during Berlin’s rush hour(!) .  

Berlin is also greener than the USA Pacific Northwest where I am from. I am accustomed to quite green towns due to where I live, but in Berlin, rather than a town with patches of green like most high rainfall regions, is the reverse; green with patches of town all over the place. Flying to Tegel, I saw more trees than buildings, undoubtedly, and this did not really alter much as we drove into town. They simply didn’t construct Berlin very dense. Another special part of this intriguing town.  

One difficulty Berlin has that I was not expecting at all is graffiti. I’ve not seen this much fucking graffiti in any city out of the Latin world. You can do a 20minute push through the center of Berlin and, critically, watch the walls of nearly each building you pass slathered with graffiti. It is as much as in Mexico City, but unlike in Mexico, the graffiti in Germany is not pretty or artistic. It is mostly shit. Much of it also includes a left-wing slant. More than once I saw graffiti that said things like “fuck capitalism.” Ah, Europe.  

Pink Firefly, not being very well traveled, was baffled when she saw all this. “Why do they leave all this graffiti up? ” While I could answer that question from the second and third worlds of Latin America (since they do not give a shit and do not have the cash ), I couldn’t answer it in Germany.  

Berlin also has the typical European smallness factor that’s so obvious to folks like me who grew up in America where everything is big. Everything Is little here like in many countries in Europe. Small buildings, small cars, little people, small puppies, small beds, small flats, small baths, small sinks, etc.   

Pink Firefly, that hasn’t been to Europe before was amazed and thoroughly perplexed when we had to lug our heavy bags up four flights of stairs to get into our apartment because the building did not have an elevator. “Oh yeah,” I told her, “This is normal in Europe.”  

At first glance it seems organized and easy, but it is quite the opposite. Lots of the train platforms are tagged unclearly, most present train maps are flat out wrong, and flaws and other issues are commonplace.  

Here is an illustration of what occurred to us. PF and I’d intended to spend an entire day in Potsdam and check out the castles and palaces there. I did the research and it had been very clear on the online and on all the most current Berlin train maps which train RE1 on Platform 2 at the Alexanderplatz banhopf (train station) would take us. I spent $20 US for us both tickets; we boarded the train. We got nice and comfy for the 30minute train ride. Then, after two stops, the god damn train reversed leadership and moved back to the train station where we left. It was hilarious. There was no sign on any maps anywhere this train did this, nor the station where this occurred was a terminus for any train.   

Apparently, we had the wrong train (that was literally impossible to determine out of their own information). We were led to the proper train at Platform 4.  

We go there and wait. Sure enough, I see the electronic signal indicating the Potsdam train to get there in six minutes. Cool. We wait another 3 minutes. The sign still says the train will arrive at six minutes. Then the train’s name disappears off the sign. Then a little while later, it yields. It says six minutes. 15 minutes later we are still waiting. The signal goes from no Potsdam train into a train coming in six minutes twenty minutes ago.   

PF was astonished at how disorganized this was, but I’d warned her many times how cluttered Europe could be, therefore she was not totally shocked. Then a woman’s voice comes over the loudspeaker saying something about the Potsdam train and another 25 minutes.  

Ooooookaaayyy, thank you very much. I am done now. I cancel our trip to god damn Potsdam, which I had been actually looking forward to, and rather spend the afternoon in Berlin despite the wasted $20.   

So yeah, Berlin’s subway system really bites ass. As I have mentioned before, the infrastructure of this Western world is slowly collapsing no matter what side of this Atlantic it is on (as Asia’s infrastructure improves in leaps and bounds).  

The Women 

The girls in Berlin are just ordinary, and so, no better and no worse. Meaning that they definitely are not ugly, they definitely are not fat (Germans are possibly the skinniest Europeans I have seen so far), and there are loads of adorable girls if you look around enough, but sexy girls are extraordinarily rare to the point of being almost nonexistent here. I have been here a few days, have been around Berlin, and I have seen a grand total of 2 hot ladies. (And even then, they were very young, possibly age 20.)  

I’d place the girls in Berlin as better than London (which is not saying much) but worse than Italy and France. The great news is, as I mentioned above, obese women are extremely uncommon here. I have only seen a very small handful and most of these were non-German. German girls are extremely skinny.  

Talking of skinny, the guys here are the normal skinny guys I typically associate with most European civilizations . Their assembles here are quite tall but very skinny, with narrow shoulders and the skinniest legs of any white men I’ve ever seen. PF commented that while she found lots of guys in London very attractive, she has not seen some guys in Berlin who she thought were handsome.  

The People 

People here are extremely friendly, that I was not expecting. Most Germans I have met and worked with were not humorless or mean or anything, but I would not categorize them as favorable. Yet people here have been extremely fine to me and PF.  

At the same stage among our bags dropped from the back of an Uber we had been carrying (while we were parked). Twill girls immediately ran over from nearly across the road, picked up the bag (that was heavy), put it back in the car for us, and warned us that it had dropped. That is just an example of those very favorable Germans; I had many experiences like this.  

The folks here have also been very tolerant of my dreadful German speaking ability. I took a long time of the German language when I was younger (a absurd error on my part; I must have taken Spanish). Today I am in the class where I talk the language only enough to be hardly known but I mistreat the language so badly that what I say is really funny and (when I was not outcome independent) incredibly embarrassing.   

But when I speak their language like an idiot, the Germans here only smile, repeat what I said properly, and keep on. I would make fun of me (seriously), but they are too great.  

I’ve read a sociological theory over once that due to their devastating loss in World War II, both formerly strong and masculine countries of Germany and Japan equally had their Alpha badassary ripped from their cultures. I don’t have any idea if this is true . I have not done the study, and I do not want to speculate. I am just saying that I have heard this from a lot of folks who have researched these things.  

I do believe {} a deep and strong guilt in contemporary German culture regarding what the Nazis did, which helps explain why the smart, organized, and industrious Germans are so hell-bent on politically ruining their own nation. But the majority of Suicidal Europe is doing this, not only Germany, so it is not fair to pick on them. The only distinction is, as I explained to the men who went to my convention, when Europe collapses (and it will before the USA), people in poor countries such as Moldova aren’t likely to actually feel it, but people in relatively prosperous nations like Germany are likely to believe it hard.  

Speaking of all this, visiting Checkpoint Charlie at which the Berlin Wall once stood was a true highlight for me. The picture above is me standing directly in front of the checkpoint. The autumn of the Berlin wall and the reunification of Germany were just two of the best historical events during my life. It is such a shame that Germany is going down the exact same road to destruction as my nation, only faster.  

Overall, I love Berlin (minus its trains), thoroughly enjoyed visiting here, and will return here soon, possibly next year when I visit Russia and Eastern Europe.  

Next up, Paris… 

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