Reasons Why Men Lie to Girls

Reasons Why Men Lie to Women

Reasons Why Men Lie to WomenIn regards to women, men feel impelled to spin the facts from time to time. It can happen for a variety of reasons. The simple fact is that any time you get caught it is going to become a huge deal. And men get caught lying all of the time. So why do they {} it? Here are a few of the most persuasive reasons why men lie to women.

First of all, men lie when they are not serious about a girl. If you aren’t seeking to construct a long term relationship, then you might not feel any need to build her up with good old fashioned honesty. You only need to say whatever will end the day in the way you were hoping it would end up from the start. TV shows are filled with men who wind up with girl after girl by feeding them lines that nobody could ever possibly believe they’d fall for. The reality is that sometimes women are out for the exact same reason as men, and they can just wind up with which ever man is easily the most creative even when she knows he is just feeding her a line. Hence the number one reason men lie to women is, you guessed it, sex.

Guys also lie when they’re trying to eat their cake and have it too. They want the very long term relationship with the spouse, kids, home, and dog, but they also need to fool around with the secretary, house keeper, woman in the gym, etc.. Most wives are not going to go for this, so it becomes a series of business trips, nights out with the men, and severe traffic issue that never really occurred. The next reason men lie to women? Additionally sex, but this time with another woman.

Ultimately, guys are aware that there are particular questions that can not be answered honestly. Do you enjoy spending time with my loved ones? There’s no limit to the questions girls ask that are traps. You either need to lie, or get relegated to the couch. So guys carefully word their replies to avoid sounding insincere, but not telling the brutal truth. The reason again? Of course it is sex. Sure you want her to feel good about herself, but you also realize that she is not inviting you to the bedroom if you provide the incorrect answer.

I guess at the end there are lots of distinct angles, but really just 1 reason that men lie to women.

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