–Do you need success with online dating? Online dating can be fun and easy if you avoid these six errors that guys most often make when dating online. Here are the six biggest mistakes men make online when calling a girl for the very first time. 1. Not Reading A Woman’s Profile: of all of the mistakes men make, this is among the biggest. Guys won’t see a lady’s profile, then move to email her anyway — even if they aren’t in her age range and do not enjoy any of the exact things she likes. It’s wonderful how many guys will only look at a picture of a woman and send her an email, when that lady would be 100% not interested based on what she said she is searching for in her own profile. When you do so, you are just wasting somebody’s time.2. Being A Winker: in the event that you really read women’s profiles on the internet, you’d see that a good deal of women request not get winks or state flat out that they do not respond to winks. Since plenty of men online are extremely lazy, thoughthey will go online and send out a hundred winks at a night hoping that one girl will react. When you do so, do you understand what that tells a girl right from the get-go? It informs her first that you did not read her profile, and second that you are pretty desperate. They do not care who reacts; they just need someone to react.3. Sending A Generic or”Cut’N Paste” Emails: Sending a generic or”cut’n paste” email when you haven’t read a woman’s profile is one of the biggest turnoffs to women online. Men will send an email to a hundred girl saying something like,”Hey, you and I’m really a game. Read my profile and check it out, and let me know what you think. When a woman reads this, she knows you’ve put no effort whatsoever into it. She knows it’s a generic email, and she isn’t going to react to it.4. No Follow-Up: Lack of follow up is another massive mistake guys make online. A guy will send an email to a girl, she’ll send you back to himand then he’ll wait rather than respond to her email straight away. He does not follow up until three weeks later when he will email her and provide some sort of excuse about being really busy at work. Do you understand what a girl thinks when this occurs? She believes,”Well he clearly emailed ten individuals, and that I was number four on his record. You do not make her feel important that manner. If you email a girl, you ought to follow along with it — both in terms of returning her mails and asking her out on a date. Women want men that behave like men, have a plan and follow it.5. Commenting On Her Picture: Commenting on a lady’s image shows her that you did not read her profile. If you write,”Boy, you look really good in that dress” or”Wow, you look sexy in that bathing suit” it shows a girl that you’re solely a visual man. Doing it’s overly sexual right from the get-go. It turns girls off. Girls want you to not just read their profile, but to comment on something she states in it. It shows them that something in their profile joins with you in some way.6. Talking About Yourself On Your Email: speaking about yourself in your first email (and first contact) with a girl and before you ask her a question is a major mistake. What you’re doing when you do that is being a”lister” — what I call guys who need to list all their good qualities to market themselves into a woman. Online dating is a whole lot of fun, but you will need to look at it otherwise. You will need to appear at your first contact with a girl as though you were meeting her live and in person.When you look at it this way, you’d never send a girl a list of your great qualities or make a comment about how sexy she looks in her swimsuit on the very first conversation.Think this way, and you will have greater success online, not turn any girls off. ◊♦◊Have you read the first anthology which was the catalyst for Your Great Men Project? ◊♦◊If you think in the work we’re doing here at The Great Men Project and wish to join our calls on a regular basis, please join us as a Premium Member, now. All Premium Members get to See The Great Men Project with NO ADS. A whole list of advantages is here.–Photo credit: Istockphoto.com

Let us begin with not reading a woman’s profile.

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