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I have had conversations with countless guys about their sexual lives, including topics like what seems scary to discuss, what they need more of, how it seems to ask for what they want…

Women’s arousal is a significant part of your sexual satisfaction and might be an even more powerful part of the equation than you understand.

I have a theory  that lots of men that aren’t fulfilled in their sexual lives aren’t stimulating girls in a way women desire.

Sometimes this comes from not recognizing the differences in how women’s bodies work. Sometimes there’s only too little know-how, which is embarrassing to admit.

On today’s Man Alive Podcast Pamela Madsen joined me to discuss how you can make more stimulation for girls and much more pleasure for you and your spouse. She has coached hundreds of girls in their personal journeys back in their bodies and expression of the femininity.

In this dialog we discussed:

  • The significance of inviting a lady into more states of arousal, so you have more fun
  • How to know whether a woman is enjoying your signature or desires something different
  • The activation procedure and why asking for what you need only once might not function
  • The secret to couples becoming over petty struggles and feeling more connected
  • A fun way to wake up a bored connection and reignite the spark

Even men on top of the game find themselves wanting more from life. Man Alive is your source for men who want to have more meaning, a larger effect, unshakable confidence, a hotter sex life, more money, deeper love, strong friendships or a strong legacy.

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