Suggestions on How to Woo a Career Minded Woman

Tips on How to Woo a Career Minded Woman

Tips on How to Woo a Career Minded WomanIn the current day and age women constitute 47 percent of the workforce now and lots of these women have busy lives that often leave them unable or reluctant to start up a connection until later on in life. For a guy with his heart set on wooing a girl like the challenge can be daunting, but it is not impossible.

Have a look at these ideas which can make it much easier to woo a career minded  girl.

Strategy Her Without Gender on the Mind

Sure, you find a gorgeous woman and sex will of course be centre stage for some time, but if you wish to woo her (beyond the potential”one night stand” outcome) you will need to take sex from the equation at least at the beginning. A career minded woman is focused not only on the current, but later on also and when she believes being with someone it’s going to be somebody that she has found a relationship with outside the physical. Thus, challenge her thoughts and engage her in conversation that helps to establish a relationship that centers her focus on you instead of those legal briefings she’s yet to complete or that company meeting she should be resting up for in the afternoon.

Lend Her an Ear to Assist De-Stress

Business oriented girls just like any other sort of women are always searching for somebody who is just ready to hear them about their problems at work, their goals for the future, etc.. Being someone who will provide her with an easy, non-judgmental outlet for her frustrations and anxieties in regards to her career can allow you to woo her in subtle ways that will provide you a leg up on the competition.

Be a Nerd and Assist the Businesswoman Side of Her

Use the tools and abilities you need to make it happen; if you’re computer savvy fix the computer she has been whining about for the past couple of days or if she’s always late for work because of visitors tell her about that traffic program that could help her avoid problems on how to work.

Maintain Her Company Schedule in Mind

If she has an early morning meeting with a customer do not try to wheedle more time with her by enticing her to see that new episode of her favorite show at 11pm the night before. By keeping her program in your mind and helping her stick to it you can be that strong force which makes it possible for her to succeed and get the new promotion that she has been working towards. She’ll love you for it and thank you in enjoyable and fun ways both large and small.

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