The Do’s and Don’ts of Relationship in the Workplace

Hello — Tiffany here. OK, maybe I watch too many films, but there’s something exciting about a workplace romance. Maybe he is the stunning new guy who makes your heart race and distracts you from the deadline, or the sweet, cute guy with whom you work hot day in and day out. Irrespective of where you find him, finally, the sparks fly and you can not deny the attraction any longer.

Since almost all of our time is spent in the office, it is not surprising that relationship a colleague happens pretty frequently. In actuality, according to a recent poll of 8,000 workers, conducted by the job-search site, four out of 10 people have dated someone they work with. Add to that the Payscale office romance report that shows one out of five individuals who gave inter-office relationships a shot ended up marrying their coworker, and you might be tempted to try it yourself! But, there are some wise rules to follow before you dip in.

Do Follow the Business Policy On Dating

Every organization is different and you will need to be certain that you aren’t breaking any corporate regulations which could jeopardize your work and negatively affect your professional career. Several organizations have no-fraternization policies, which means you want to determine if dating the man is worth the risk of being fired, if this is the case. If relationship is permitted, do be honest and open, and make sure to notify your boss first before everyone else finds out. You don’t have to enter the details of your love life, but you and your coworker need to professionally admit that you’re dating so your supervisor isn’t caught off guard.

Do Establish Rules From the Beginning

Before you and your colleague head down this route, it is a fantastic idea to have a discussion about what’s appropriate and what’s not. Even if you’re open about the relationship, posting images and sharing TMI (too much information) on social media is a large no-no. The same should go for physical displays of affection in front of your colleagues (heavy and hot kissing and the innocent things such as hugging and holding hands). Skip the cutesy terms of endearment. Keep it professional in the workplace, and work–related social gatherings — that includes happy hour with your colleagues, however hard that may be!

Do Not Date The Boss

This is a BIG one. Dating someone higher on the workplace ladder than you may just lead to trouble, especially if he’s the person you report to. If you seriously can not resist each other, ask to report to somebody else or find another job. You will need to be careful in this type if scenario, to avoid heated arguments and hard feelings within the connection, or accusations of favoritism from colleagues who feel threatened by your connection. It’s simple to become the target of workplace gossip once the boss is your main squeeze, and sadly you may be accused of using sex to get ahead, despite the fact that it’s simply not correct.

Do Not Bring Work Home

It’s difficult not to talk shop once the day is done, but working together isn’t the only element of your relationship. Maintaining the focus on the job is a surefire method to fizzle out fast. You must keep it professional in the workplace, but your personal, personal time is an entirely different story. On a different note, spending all day and all night together can be too much of a fantastic thing. It’s easy to get caught up in a new connection, but do not neglect the other areas of your life, particularly when dating a coworker. Carving out time for yourself, having lunch with a buddy, or arranging a girl’s night out is really good for your relationship. Just do not spend the whole time talking about your new man!

Some Last Thoughts

Although you may find the love of your life in the cubicle next to you, not all office romances end happily. If the relationship does not work out, you still need to find that person every day — and work with him. Even if he was a complete jerk, take the high road and do not vent to colleagues about your negative feelings. Do not fume or mope around, and do not let your own personal issues get in the way of your professional working relationship. You’re both adults, so hopefully he’ll have the same respect for you. And if you follow Gregg’s advice, you may bring in an excellent person in no time — in or out of the office.

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