Men Love It When Girls Make the First Move, Because They’re Starved for Compliments

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“How do men feel about women making the first move?”

This was a query posted on Reddit early in the day on November 4. Replies came flying in {} , and over 6 hours{} the time of publication–the article had already obtained 24,000 upvotes on the discussion-based platform.

It turns out, guys actually, actually like when girls make the first move.

“Literally every man in this thread will be very happy that you make the first move,” one Redditor said, summing it up. “Literally every time this thread is made, we provide the exact same barrage of answers, ranging from’Yes’ to’Fuck yes’,” another man replied.

1 commenter went as far as to state,”We’d go out with a tree if it made the first move.”

Since there were a resounding answers along the lines of”Yes, duh,” one Redditor went and asked the opposite question, which afforded much a more interesting commentary. He inquired,”‘Men who for some stupid fucking reason would not need a woman to make the first move, can you describe your stupid fucking reason?”

1 man answered,”If you’re looking for a true answer, it is because I generally do not trust people, so when someone starts taking an interest in me for no apparent reason, I begin wondering what their real motive is… It does not mean I would not go out with a person who made the initial move, but my first reaction will be guarded.”

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But back to the men who like girls to make the first move: The point was made that guys are starved for compliments generally, and that’s why simply getting attention from a woman is a essential confidence-booster.

“I think most men want it,” one man wrote. “Men, generally speaking, rarely get compliments. To get a woman to make the first move on them is most likely the best compliment they could ever have.”

So why is it that men crave compliments so poorly? A female user suggested it is because men do not praise other guys the way girls praise each other. “Men don’t compliment each other just as much,” she explained, adding,”You can change that by complimenting your friends more.”

So, women, don’t hesitate to make the first move. And men, begin complimenting your buds. It probably will not make relationship any easier, but it is only a wonderful thing to do.

A Reddit thread got to the bottom of this once and for all.

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